[nbos] [FM] Bitmaps & submaps
Del Rio
Wed Oct 31st, 2007
Questions about FM 8.01...

1. If I have a bitmap that I want to use as the background for
a certain section of the map, is there way to position it, or
can the bitmap only be the background for the whole map?

2. If it's the case that I can only have the bitmap be the
background for the whole map, is there a way I could do the
section with the bitmapped background as a submap or something?

I basically just want some way to be able to create a map of a
small area (that I've already hand-drawn) such that it will
geographically match my larger-scale world map as I create
that. I can see a few ways that I might do that:

A. Create my small map first, and then "extend the boundaries"
to grow it. I can't see any way to do that (I assume it's
B. Use some image processing software to put a giant blank
border around my background image, so the "already drawn" local
area is correctly positioned on the world map. Boy, this seems
like a kludge.
D. Something I haven't thought of. (If anyone says "get over
yourself and draw the big and small maps separately like everyone
else", I'll be sad, because I'm terrible at matching geometries on
different scales). ;-)


"I know I promised, Lord, never again. But I also know
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