Re: [nbos] [FM] sorting symbols in a map
Mon Oct 22nd, 2007
On Mon, Oct 22, 2007 at 09:41:28AM -0400, Joe Frazier, Jr. wrote:
> The layering script is a good all around best practice, however, it is
> still missing a key aspect that I think is the poster's point. Say you
> are building a mountain range and put down each symbol from left to right
> and top to bottom so that those lower on the screen partially cover those
> higher on the screen. If you then need to add a different mountain or
> volcano right in the middle, you have to use move to top manually on all
> those below where you insert the new one.

Indeed. I'm rather dreading having to do that. In fact, it's one of
the (several) reasons I ditched CC2 for AutoREALM years ago, that
AutoREALM could order symbols and CC2 couldn't.

I understand that CC2Pro *could*, and expect that CC3 can, but I never
got around to buying them for the other reasons that drove me off CC in
the first place.

FWIW, FM is pretty close to the mapping software that I would write,
especially with the scripting capabilities. It's not *exactly* what I
would've written, but by and large it's close enough I can work with it
rather than feel the need to build my own (an off and on -- most off --
project I've had in mind for years).

Anyway, digressing there. Joe mentioned a case where this would be
useful. There are others (laying down a mountain range, say, with
flanking foothills -- oddly enough, *exactly* what I was doing). Yes,
they can be done by layer, or placed by hand in the right order (select
foothill, place, select mountain, place, select foothill, place, etc.).
This gets old *really* fast, even if you remember to think to do that.

So, I'd like to be able to put all my symbols on, then order after the
fact. This results in what I would've done had I planned it ahead
entirely, but is much, much faster. And if I should happen to change my
mind on something and replace symbols -- as Joe said, replacing a mountain
with a volcano... or even replace a section of forest (player map) with
a Lost City (DM map) I can do so without having to restructure huge
swathes of my map.

Anyway. Thus is the business case for it.

As for implementation, if I get time this week[1] I could take a run at
it. How does this sound as a use case?

* select symbols to be ordered (actually, could be just symbols
(submaps) or mapobjects, I haven't decided yet)
* fire macro; in macro:
* create an array containing pointers to objects
* order array by criteria (defaults to 'top to bottom, left to right'
of bottom-right corner; other options could be implemented later)
* for each object in array, call 'move to front'
* release array

If I understand how GoblinAPI works, the above *should* do what's
needed. Does this sound right? Did I miss anything?

If not, all I need to do is figure out the vbscript to do the sort...
and I haven't done vbscript in *years*. Ah well, relatively easy
problem, that.

[1] I started a new job today, and they're running my ass off. I get up
at goofy o'clock to get there early (so I can leave early to take
care of scheduled stuff at home), and need to spend *some* time with
my family, so I'm a tad knackered at the end of the day. I might
not have time before the weekend, even if this shouldn't take long
to knock off.

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