Re: [nbos] [FM] sorting symbols in a map
"Christopher Rodrigues Macias"
Mon Oct 22nd, 2007
Agreed. I had toyed with the idea of a script that would sort objects based
on the Y coordinates of their bottom edge, for exactly the situation Joe
describes. Assuming the API allows you to query an object's coordinates,
then it should be relatively straightforward to create. However, I've never
gotten around to it.

So, the short answer to the original poster's query is: no, what you're
looking for doesn't exist, but you (or somebody) should be able to create it
with a little work. And if you do, post it so that I can get a copy! ;-)

- Christopher

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The layering script is a good all around best practice, however, it is
still missing a key aspect that I think is the poster's point. Say you
are building a mountain range and put down each symbol from left to
right and top to bottom so that those lower on the screen partially
cover those higher on the screen. If you then need to add a
different mountain or volcano right in the middle, you have to use move
to top manually on all those below where you insert the new one.


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> Bah it sent rather than saving. Hit the wrong button, there are
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> On 10/21/07, T'Star <> wrote:
>> There is a script that can then be used to do the Z-Ordering. I don't
>> know if it ever was uploaded to the exchange. It's in the archive.
>> [nbos] [FM] Layer control (Part 1 of 2)
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