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"Mike Oliver"
Thu Oct 11th, 2007
I've just been watching Part 1 of the video for 4th Edition D & D. Oh
dear. Where did they find the guy with the lisp and the French accent?
If they want people to understand what it's about, that was a mistake of
generous proportions. And the two "presenters" at the convention (?)..
If the planned software is of the same standard, it will have even fewer
customers than you suggest.

Like you, I'm not a D & D player; in fact I'm not a fantasy player of
any kind. And this certainly didn't give me any encouragement to


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>>How will D&D 4th edition electronic product affect Screen Monkey and
other products?
>As others have stated, the software tends to be system independent. So
>edition isn't going to affect anything directly.

I lost track of who posted this question originally, but I think I get
what he was asking. Ed probably does, too, but just to clarify for
everyone else... The question wasn't about support for the D&D system
per se. I think he was asking "Do you think Wizard of the Coast's
planned software offerings will cause NBOS to adjust its product

You see, when the announced 4th Ed. at the last Gencon, WotC also
announced that they had a slew of software in development to support the
D&D community. This included an on-line tool that would let you build
3-D models of your dungeon (or other setting). Looks neat, but still in

There was also a 3-D character modelling tool to let you create a
"virtual mini" ("mini" as in "miniature figurine") of your character
(also in beta). To top it off, you would be able to take these "virtual
minis" and place them in your 3-D dungeon model and move them around,
just as you might move lead miniature figures around on your gaming
table at home.

If anyone is curious what this looks like, you can find the D&D 4th
Edition Presentation Videos on YouTube here: Part 1
<> , Part 2
<> , Part 3
<> , Part 4

I'm not a fan of D&D but, given the system's strong bias toward the use
of miniature figures, I can see where these tools would be a godsend to
those players who aren't interested in spending a heap of time and money
buying and painting a small army of tiny figurines. And, for the
technologically adept and financially well-off segment of the D&D
community, a "3-D virtual table top" might make other on-line gaming
tools seem very "retro".

So I think the original poster's question was really about whether the
WotC announcement was going to prompt NBOS to re-think its product line,
specifically Screen Monkey. Feel free to jump back in and correct me if
I have that wrong.

I'm not an owner/user of Screen Monkey, nor do I run D&D, so I have no
opinion on that. FWIW, I don't think the WotC tools are much of a threat
to FM. The 3-D dungeon creator is focused on tactical scale maps, so it
is essentially useless for overland maps. And, in any case, it is only
likely to attract D&D players, and only a subset of those, so it doesn't
really compete with a general purpose fantasy mapping tool like FM.


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