Re: [nbos] Questions: How will....
~~Richard K~~
Thu Oct 11th, 2007
"Subscription", likely this is going to put a monthy charge akin to MMORPG's for these nifty online tools.
It looks akin to NWN1&2 without scripting and (in current form) without the fancy 3D clutter, I assume this will change adding 3D tables, chairs, chests...

Interesting stuff.

You see, when the announced 4th Ed. at the last Gencon, WotC also announced that they had a slew of software in development to support the D&D community. This included an on-line tool that would let you build 3-D models of your dungeon (or other setting). Looks neat, but still in beta.

There was also a 3-D character modelling tool to let you create a "virtual mini" ("mini" as in "miniature figurine") of your character (also in beta). To top it off, you would be able to take these "virtual minis" and place them in your 3-D dungeon model and move them around, just as you might move lead miniature figures around on your gaming table at home.

If anyone is curious what this looks like, you can find the D&D 4th Edition Presentation Videos on YouTube here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

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