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"Mike Oliver"
Thu Oct 11th, 2007

I believe I may have attributed your work to Terry Kepner (who certainly
did do some csv files on near space); if so, I apologise. I certainly
recall our correspondence on the subject.



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As the person who did the larger star sectors i can say it is not 'easy'

even with a database of the data.. it takes a lot of time and effort to
Now Could I have done it with all the common names? Most likely.. but
would have taken a bit of time and I was not spending that much time on
something for free.. I know that sounds bad but sorry I can't afford to
spend a load of time on something like that and not get paid for it..

Would I do it if i got paid for it? Most likely but it is still a load
work, there are some things I'd love to get around to fixing with the
stuff such as twin stars etc.. but all of that is presently off the

Maybe some day i'll get all the common names in but not in a hurry.

-Robert Graham.
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> Ed seems to program his stuff very system-neutral, meaning he leaves a
> of the nuts and bolts open for a scripter to customize.
> There are several people on this list that *can* script the program to

> your needs, but you may have better luck if you bribe them with money.

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