Re: [nbos] [IPAD] Planetary Topography Generator v103
~~Richard K~~
Mon Oct 23rd, 2006
Oops! spelling error on the Mesozoic Era... now you'll get some critters showing up in this quick fix version...
Would you like me to apply some special attack/defence for the critters too?
A "vague" description that can be stretched out by the GM, I dont want to make this too locked into any particular system.

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From: ~~Richard K~~
Sent: Sunday, October 22, 2006 5:37 PM
Subject: [nbos] [IPAD] Planetary Topography Generator v103

Hi everyone,
I've been cramming this week/weekend with work and projects needing finishing.

I have attached to this Email an IPT file to put into your IPAD 2 Tables directory.

There is a large "README" within the IPT itself on customizing the tables to suit your system
It currently uses a "Generic" scale to describe critters.
Its "Senses" are positive to negative ratings (as compared to Human 0 rating)

Its still being tweaked so test it out and send me some feedback.
I didnt use terrain... yet.

It also is independant from Astrosynthesis so if you get rid of the "#" delimiters you can have the planet orbit/temperature faked for your own non-astro systems.
I might add Gas solid/liquid/vapor botes for each gas type to help with planet temperatures... you'd want to know if your hydrogen is currently solid/liquid/vapor... right?
Anyways, that will be later.

Have fun!


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