[nbos] Suggestions for AS 2.1
Aaron Wiseman
Fri Oct 5th, 2007
>I dunno if its an acceptable work around, but if you rename (for
example) a
>planet, click on the 'Moons' Rollout to select it, then right click and
>select Generate System Contents, it will only regenerate the children of
>planet... and the new names will reflect the parent name.

>If you have moons 'just the way you like em' then this wont work.

It might be simpler to have a find and replace feature that could be
limited to a sector, a system, a planet and its moons, or some other
hierarchical level I may have missed. As much as it pains me, the
functionality for find and replace as well as the undo functionalities of
Microsoft Office are what I'm envisioning. Sorry guys, sometimes
Microsoft actually does have the best product (I can't believe I'm saying
that;). Maybe this could be a button on the Actions-mass edit popup as
well as a separate functionality on the Actions menu. This would also
partner nicely with a graphical selection method.
I am assuming that the data is in a relational database so it shouldn't
be too hard to do a query and then update the changed records. However,
I am not sure this would be simple to implement with screens, menu
options, and a button on the toolbar. It might also be difficult to undo
stuff like that so it might require a major rewrite.
Even moving beyond names, it would be nice to select a group of
systems and change all the atmospheric levels from 20% Oxygen to 40%
Carbon dioxide as an example (the planterous maximus people will love
it). This might be the work around for modifying planets to meet
species' requirements for atmospherics, gravity, and any custom fields
you might have. I could see this also being useful for changing ranks
for officers such as removing the sub commander rank and just having
commanders or promoting large groups of people in the case of a
battlefleet being wiped out..
I would like to see this in AS 2.1, but the level of effort required
might mean it needs to get moved into AS 3.0. That will have to be an Ed
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