Re: [nbos] [AS] Suggestions for AS 2.1
Charles Taylor
Thu Oct 4th, 2007
In message <>
Sam Orton <> wrote:

> When I throw out a suggestion for something as I've been doing, please
> keep in mind that I've been making suggestions for AS >>>>2.1<<<<, not
> 3.0.
> I've been limiting myself to suggestions for things where it at least
> *appears* that the coding is already in the program, you're just
> making new calls on it. As in the case of multiple star system
> displays around system barycenter, sometimes I'm way off base and it
> would be a major rewrite. Save those for 3.0 or later, a lot of
> people's computers couldn't run it in a reasonable time frame right
> now anyway. Mine couldn't, not at the scale I want to have available.
> What I'm trying to do is pick out things that are already there and
> say, "Oooo... that's cool... since you already have it doing that, can
> you call it from over here to do *this* too?"
> Does that make this stuff any clearer?
> Sam

On a related topic, what about displaying orbits around objects that
are a discrete massive object, such as white dwarfs, planetoids and
megastructures (you'd need to have a mass for the latter), none of
whom, I think, currently allow a system display, possibly even black
holes, (but they have complications, especially if you get close in).

Would it be possible to allow user control of the colour of rings - or
even allow rings to be textured (like Saturn's)?

Would it be possible to add user-defined data to routes, such as
travel times (for backgrounds with fixed speed FTL), or to allow
existing routes to be edited?

I cannot give you that information on the grounds that it might be
used to incinerate me.

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