Re: [nbos] [AS] (off topic)
"David Loman"
Thu Oct 4th, 2007
Whoa.... /OffTopic here, but are you stationed on the Sante Fe? I ask
because i just finished up my 8.5 years as a Nuke EM and one of my best
friends (Mike Makay, ELT, MM1...maybe even MMC now) is on the Sante Fe! Or
are you in a shipyard capacity?

-Dave Loman

On 10/4/07, Charles Sykora <> wrote:
> If the list will tolerate our sidebar for just a moment (and if not, in
> case you lost my e-mail it's charlesdsykora(at)mac(dot)com
> Well, Santa Fe is starting the 'end game', that is approaching her nuclear
> engineering examination, so I'm getting really busy helping her train. She
> should go on sea trials in December, and then MEMPHIS won't be far behind.
> Busy.
> I follow you exploits on cc2 and nbos. If you are anywhere else, I don't
> know about that. (sometimes I check in on Celestia).
> --Dale--

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