Re: [nbos] [AS] Suggestions for AS 2.1
"Mike Oliver"
Wed Oct 3rd, 2007
I think it's mostly Sam that wants orbital calculations and displays to
be accurate to a high degree. Like you, Heather, I don't need or want
that level of accuracy. I am an amateur astronomer (who knows very
little about geology) and can appreciate the complexity of the

However, I believe the design of an upgraded system display facility is
probably well within the abilities of an experienced programmer and that
is what I'd dearly love to have available. Much of it is there already
in the star system display and the planetary system displays but it
needs bringing together and the capability to travel around a system and
zoom in on specific planets/satellites added. The finer planet system
detail can be missing from the star system display until the user zooms
in on their chosen planet - at which point, the star system stuff
disappears. I think it would be a good WOW factor for the players.

I remember an old MegaTraveller game for the Atari ST had a very clever
graphic facility allowing the player to jump their starship to a system
and then navigate their way to the chosen world and enter orbit. Trouble
is, to get everything in, the graphics were so miniscule that it was
nearly impossible to work out what was going on and, if you missed your
orbit first time round, you were unlikely to have enough fuel for a
second try - end of game! Exactly what David Loman was talking about



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Ok, I'm going to chime in with my little geological commentary.

What you folk are talking about is large scale 3d modeling with
thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of simultaneously running
calculations. Astronomy is a hobby for me. And AS does everything I
need it to do. (If I need anything more complicated I have a
protractor, compass, a good set of pencils, and an engineer's scale.)

If figuring out the multiple planet and multiple star orbits is at
least as complicated as processing seismic volumes into a reasonable
display, then I don't want AS to do that. The geology programs can
take hours to run a set of calculations if you're not very, very, very
careful what you ask them to do. The more complicated and detailed
models and extrapolations and animations only take days to compute (I
remember my father running a set of calculations that took over a
month so days is good.) This is why I only want a general
approximation of plate techtonics in a fractal program, but that's an
entirely different argument. The question becomes, are the algorithms
to get the visual display that is being requested so complicated that
the time it takes to get the display makes it not worth the effort?
Sorry, I can't see gamers waiting an hour for the display to load!

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