Re: [nbos] [AS] Suggestions for AS 2.1
Sam Orton
Wed Oct 3rd, 2007

NBOS Support <> wrote:
The problem with tracking multiple star orbits is that, while for 2 objects
its generally stable (at least with regard to the stars themselves - the
planets might be screwed), with 3 or more there's no guarantee a generated
orbit is stable. So the generator would have to do a tremendous amount of
work just finding stable (enough) orbits to use!

Yeah, I was just coming to realize that. You could fake it reasonably well, as long as you had pretty much equal masses at pretty much equal distances, and as long as you were only dealing with pairs, or pairs of pairs, etc. I was looking up multiple object orbits today and found a trinary orbit that keeps all three stars moving in a figure eight. You'd swear there's a juggler somewhere just out of sight keeping them in play. And sure, such an orbit could be calculated, I mean *that* website did it. But to come up with a random generator capable of pulling something like that out of thin air..... probably a case of "sure, I could write it... but you're machine couldn't run it."


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