Re: [nbos] [FWE] Fractal Geology
"Doug Jessee"
Thu Sep 13th, 2007

I appreciate you posting the information. I just hope that it goes
somewhere! Especially in AS2, FWE and FM.


On 9/13/07, Robert <> wrote:
> Several weeks ago, there was a discussion on this list of the geological
> inaccuracy of fractally-generated world maps. I too noted this problem in
> both Fractal World Explorer and Fractal Terrains and hoped to see more
> realistic algorithms incorporated into future releases of these products,
> but they never came.
> So I began searching for alternatives and found the following, rather
> ancient code:
> http://mark.technolopeorg/progs/plates.c
> Curiously, plates.c has been floating around since the late-80s, yet I can
> only find one recent adaptation of it, in a patch for Freeciv
> (
> Cdrift and planet were made into a nifty Windows program called World
> Builder, but the graphic output was primitive by today's standards, and it
> vanished from the web circa 2001.
> So that apparently leaves the above three links as the only freely available
> continental drift simulators on the internet. I am not a programmer, so I
> can't parse the code, but is there some technical reason that would prevent
> these programs from being updated and incorporated into an application like
> FWE?
> Robert
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