Re: [nbos] Is 'The Keep' still available?
Daniel Williamson
Sat Sep 8th, 2007
I think I have something similar happening. I downloaded the Keep A6 and installed it to the same folder that my AS2 and IPP are installed. This happens to be on the D drive. When I run it I get a message:

"No licensed NBOS product found. This application requires a licensed version of Fractal Mapper 7, AstroSynthesis, ScreenMonkey, or Character Sketcher."

And it exits when I hit the only button: OK. Its not OK.

Should I just uninstall it or is there a fix/workaround. AS2 is licensed and registered.



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Sent: Monday, September 3, 2007 12:32:19 PM
Subject: Re: [nbos] Is 'The Keep' still available?

Did you remove all prior FM and AS installs?
I have all of my older versions still installed and Keep runs well on my XP

~~Richard K~~

> I tried to install it and it won't run because I have AS2 and FM8.
> help?

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