[nbos] [AS2] Multiple-Star System Maps
Thu Sep 6th, 2007
I was looking around on the internet for a space mapping program and found Astrosynthesis. It looks like pretty much what I'm looking for, so I downloaded the demo. I was playing around it, mapping some of the things I would need so I could see how it would look. It wasn't long before I found a problem.

I was making a system with two stars and when I was viewing it I could only see one stars (and it's planets, etc.) at a time. What I want is too be able to see both stars and their respective planetary orbits, etc., on the same screen.

Seeing as I only downloaded the demo yesterday, I may have missed something, but I was hoping someone could tell me whether I would be able to do that. It's currently the only thing making me hesitate to buy Astrosynthesis.

Thanks in advance.
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