[nbos] GoblinAPI
Mon Sep 3rd, 2007
Ok, so here's the problem...I write up the sample script that it shows in
the FM7 tutorial (because there isn't one for FM8, if it would even make a
difference), and then try running the script manually using the 'Run from
File...' option under the plugins menu. However, this doesn't do anything.
It is supposed to count the number of objects in the map and then show a
message window with the result. I have also tried the GetMapStats()
function and it doesn't do anything either. I am following the directions
in the FM7 GoblinAPI tutorial as best I can...the only thing I can think of
is that I must be missing something or GoblinAPI isn't compatible with
Windows Vista machines. Which would be a shame since I was going to use it
to automate all my visual formatting tasks...

By the way, I have tried saving the script as both .FMScript and . vbs.

Esteban Warren,
Estudiante de Ingieneria,
Perdedor Extraordinario,
No Soy Ardilla.

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