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"Mike Oliver"
Fri Aug 31st, 2007
This is a bit off-message for this list but have you looked at
Cartes-du-Ciel for real-time telescope control? It is a night sky
programme second to none in my view and can utilise with virtually every
star catalogue you've ever heard of - most of which are available for
download. It is freeware and well worth the time to download and

Obviously, it isn't intended to operate as an alternative to
Astrosynthesis but the author may well be willing to discuss how to
incorporate what you're trying to do. Visit: to get a copy.



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> lol, yeah, I had noticed you havent been around

The sunny side is that I am working with a friend of mine
in Virginia to integrate real-time telescope control to
AS2. He has some crazy-expensive computer driven telescope,
and as he works out how to control it from Java, I have
talked to him a bit about how to access the Windows kit for
the telescope from VBS, with the ultimate goal being that
he could use AS2 as a telescope logbook (with the database
features and import/export bits).

No idea where this will end up, or if it will even pan out,
but if it does, I will get him to send you the result.

> >If the wiki core you chose supports RSS feeds, then
> >that would be a way for people to "subscribe" to
> Well, the wiki core itself is homebrew.

May I suggest an "autolinking" feature?
The idea is that the wiki knows its page titles,
right? It would be nice to see a wiki that scanned
the text entered as a new page, or update, and
offered to (or automatically) converted page titles
found in the new text directly into links to the
appropriate pages.

I have thought about writing something like that for
Dokuwiki, but haven't had the inclination to get that
involved with PHP.

Just another thought for you.

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