[nbos] [AS] Fast bang loop
"Justin Akkerman"
Thu Aug 23rd, 2007
Unfortunately this thing calculates just for sol... over... and
over... and over again. I can't get it to generate anything else. It
seems to keep the star it just doesn't touch anything else in the
sector. I am using the Kepner star data though I don't know if the
code cares.

Look into the for loop:

for currentSystem = 1 to 1 'numberOfSystems

alter this line so it looks like this:

for currentSystem = 1 to numberOfSystems

It will now loop through the whole sector.

Be careful. This takes about 1 hour to do 17 systems on my computer.
The plugin spends most of its time in the mapping of the planets. The escape
breakout is not available then. Therefore it can be hard to break out of.

I set it to run overnight. I manually indexed the for loop so that it would
be ready in the morning for the amount I could do with the time available.

I hope this helps, Justin.

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