Re: [nbos] Exporting AstroSynthesis data.
Shain Edge
Wed Aug 15th, 2007

--- David Loman <> wrote:

> There have been one or two people who have not had success with my csv/sql
> exporter. Unfortuentately, the exact bug/failure they ran into was never
> forwarded to me, so I couldn't fix whatever was wrong. Hopefully all will
> work fine for you!
> I, too, am using the Astro2 data in a game. Since the quantity of data I
> was looking for was quite massive, I took the liberty to write the SQL
> portion of the exporter. This allowed me to move data in this fashion:
> Astro2 -> SQL files
> SQL Files -> MySQL database.
> Since my computer game is a client/server setup, having all the universe
> info in a database allows for quick access & searching as well as allowing
> the content to be accessed by a variety of sources other than the game. The
> specific use I am using the MySQL data for is a website that players of the
> game can use as a reference.
> Just some ideas. If you have any troubles with the exporter just drop me a
> line at or here on the mailing list.

I'm still in the early stages of the development.

Game Concept, Sci-Fi Ships stations, running in a cluster of stars.

Perl being a back end server that access the database for Multiplayer.
Darkbasic Professional for building the graphical Client.
TrueSpace 6.6 for the Modeling.

Probably need a few more pieces of software later on, but that is my trunk of
development. The Astro Synthesis would be nice to be able to export data, but
not required.


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