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"Mark Oliva"
Mon Aug 13th, 2007
I've tested the following situation (I can't quite call it a problem, much less a bug.) on a variety of HP printers including color lasers, B&W lasers and a color ink jet and found the result to be universal, so I'm assuming it will apply to everyone. It's probably also known to those who've been using FM for a longer time, although I've found it to be both non-intuitive and not clearly discussed in the large PDF manual.

I spent quite a bit of time making a test map with various line styles and various thicknesses for borders, rivers, roads and the like. On the screen, I got exactly the desired result, but I wasted a lot of color laser toner before I finally got the same result on paper. No matter what line thickness I chose, I always got thin, sometimes barely visible lines on paper.

The solution I found is in the menu options Objects/Line Style and then clicking the check box "Draw as Scaled Line." One also must set s specific scale width in miles, but what that will be depends entirely on the length and width of the map in miles.

In the large PDF manual, this process is not described under printing but rather on Pages 24 and 25, where menu options for the main menu option "Objects" are described.

A caution: I played around a bit with FM7 but never learned it. I jumped in only with FM8. Its newness will tell you that I'm no veteran user. There may be a much better way to deal with this issue. It could be that it doesn't have to be an issue at all. If so, someone else will have to clear that up. This is the only successful path to the desired result that I've been able to find, but it may not be the last word.

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