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Mon Aug 6th, 2007

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I've got Poser 7. I just haven't been able to get my hands on Vue to
this point. I've been playing with the learning edition and the
simple stuff seems easy enough though I may have to invest in some
more RAM for my desk top (it's starting to get on in computer years.)
I'd definitely be interested in seeing what you've done with it.
I've browsed the professional galleries of Vue, but I'd love to see
what someone relatively new can do with it. It should give me a
better idea of what my curve will be. I'm still working with the fun
of HAIR on Poser! I currently am playing around with a rock and a
plant. (Ok, so I am shamelessly showing my geological roots, I've been
playing around with the rock largely to see what KIND they set their
default rock texture to... seems to be a coarse grained sand stone.)

Well this week the Tashkeni Handbook will be going on sale. Once I get all
the kinks out of it. It has renders done with Vue in it, and I am sure I will
make sure the preview also has some. In fact, the cover is a Vue render... so
keep your eyes peeled, right now going over and over and over and over... the
damn PDF to make sure it will do well.

Oh and I am a relatively neub on the program as well, though I need to get a
copy of easel... new machine... new headaches... hell I hope poser 5.0 will
play well with VIsta... dreamweaver didn't want to.

Neither did CC 3, but NBOS... like a charm

Good Job Ed... that was ONE LESS headache. (And why the map of the city of
Torkal in the book will be... NBOS done)

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