Re: [nbos] [FWE][FM8]Geology in the Fractal World
Mon Aug 6th, 2007
If I knew who, specifically, to write at either place, I'd be
e-mailing geology lectures to whoever was in charge of telling the
programmers what they're supposed to be programing into things as
suggestions. ;) At least I know here, the NBOS folk read the list and
take notes, so it may come out in a future edition of FWE. If any of
the programmery types are reading and have questions about what 'looks
plausible' from a geologic stand point I'm more than willing to
answer, and by that token, if anyone on here is going for a geological

Alas there are few teaching positions for geologists... You have to
do huge amounts of research to get grants (Or at least be doing
research that has the potential to grab grants) before most
universities consider letting you teach (My dad has been trying to get
a full time teaching position in geology for over 20 years now and
JUST got one.

A lot of the 'short cut' analysis is actually done in Excel, at least
on the seismic data. I'm currently transcribing something for the
Society for Exploration Geophysics, and several commercial programs
are mentioned. I'll go back through the transcripts to see if there
were any he mentioned specifically as being freeware. (Caveat: these
are seismic analysis programs. They let you look at what the
substrata are doing which can tell you a lot about why the surface is
doing what it is doing, but that's more than most gamer types are
willing to put into it.)

I haven't managed to figure out Celestia for a completely fictitious
universe yet... it's some where on my rather long list of things to
do, along with figuring out Poser better, and actually (some day when
there is money) getting Vue.

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