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"Dutton, Dennis L"
Mon Aug 6th, 2007
Assuming the figures use a common scale, what settings do you use in
Poser 7. I'm just starting to look at making maps of some of the 3D
rooms I have and I'm currently thinking 300 ppi with a printing scale of
1 mm = 1 ft. This works out to be approximately 1 px = 1 in. I don't
know if that is practical since I've just started working on it and
haven't figured the camera parameters for the top camera. Also, once I
find out the scale used for the CSUAC library, I might use that for
everything for compatibility.

Cheers, Dennis
Game Master, Kaldor in Flames
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> Chris,
> I use a couple different applications to create the mapping
> objects, namely Poser 7 and Vue 6.
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