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"Jeff Alberts"
Sat Aug 4th, 2007

I use a couple different applications to create the mapping objects, namely
Poser 7 and Vue 6. Though you can achieve similar results with DAZ
Studio(available at, which is free. The content used to render
the mapping objects is a different story. There is a great deal of free
content at,, and many other places. However, human
figures are usually pay items only. In some cases these are given away free
with the intent that you'll buy a lot of clothing for them from the various

As for the maps, people use different ones. Many folks use a combination of
mapping apps like Dundjinni, FM, or CC3, and Photoshop or The Gimp (which is
also free). I also use an app called TextureMaker (not free, but not too
expensive, about $90 US), which creates seamless textures of any dimensions.
I have yet to really explore the possibilities of TextureMaker, mostly I
just use the random texture function and keep the ones I like ;)

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> Really nice, Jeff. Great resource.
> Out of curiosity, what tools do you (and your main
> contributors) use to produce those cool map objects and
> fills? I expect you're going to say PhotoShop, which I can't
> afford, but I am still curious about the techniques.
> And, while I'm asking, has anyone bothered to produce 'how
> to' guides for creating objects like these? My naive
> assumption is that creating a tiled fill would be a technical
> nightmare unless some specialised software helped to automate
> the process.

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