Re: [nbos] [FM8] blogs, forums, email lists
"Jeff Alberts"
Fri Aug 3rd, 2007
Well, Chris, I was one of those who volunteered to setup a site dedicated to
NBOS stuff. And you're right, there wasn't enough community input to keep it

At the time I was looking for input as to the software I should use, and I
did try one of two packages I wasn't familiar with, but ended up going with
one I knew.

Since then I have gone to Drupal for almost all sites I run, which was
suggested by someone at the time, I just didn't know anything about it.

However, I still doubt there will be enough community support to maintain a
whole site beyond the sites which are already out there. So, consider this
an invitation to use my other site,, for any mapping needs
whatsoever. It has built-in forums, blogging, image/document gallery, etc.
It's main purpose is as a map and mapping object repository (over 3500 PNG
mapping objects and counting). If there is a need, I can create some
FM-specific galleries and forums for the group. I haven't used FM for quite
some time, mainly using existing maps and simple tools like MapTool to bring
in objects for quick battle maps for my online games.

Anyway, the site is at the disposal of the RPG Mapping/Gaming world, I
encourage you folks to use it and give any suggestions to make it easier to
use. Again, if you need FM/NBOS-specific forums, chime in.


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> Where does that get us? Well, here is where I stand...
> If/when Ed is able to put up an 'official' means for sharing
> complex material (e.g. a NOX wiki) then I will lean toward
> moving everything there. The exception would be if by some
> weird twist of fate an 'unofficial' site grew so big and
> well-developed that it becomes unwieldy (and unnecessary) to
> move everyone back to NOX, but unless it takes Ed years to
> get something up I can't see that happening.
> In the meantime I'm happy to investigate and discuss options
> for how we share things until a NOX option happens. The blog
> is just one experiment in that process. Maybe it flies, maybe
> it doesn't. Other suggestions and experiments welcome.
> *However* when it comes to questions like what technology we
> use, right now I just want to hear the opinions of people who
> have a serious interest in becoming a contributor of
> material. This isn't because I think end user opinions are
> not valuable, but simply because I've seen that 'fan' web
> sites live and die based on content. Content, not delivery
> technology, is the biggest issue we have to solve. If we
> can't get enough people interested in posting material, the
> rest of the conversation is moot, really.
> So, besides Joe and I, who is looking for a place to put stuff?
> -Christopher
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