Re: [nbos] [FM8] Email list format/layout...whatever...
"Nathan Gerber"
Thu Aug 2nd, 2007
Its not just you... Gmail makes it workable through its grouping of emails,
which is much more than I can say for the digests I was getting up until
recently. I'd much prefer to have some sort of easy to navigate way of
sorting through the e-mails. From what I've been seeing it looks as though
this list has a case of two different internet generations clashing. One
that was around before the dawn of easy to use forums and wikis, and one
that grew up with forums and wikis. I'm all for stuff being in one place,
but an easy to access and navigate wiki that contains all the methods,
questions, etc that have come up on the wiki would be an invaluable tool.
That said, wikis are horrible for logging conversations, so the mailing list
or something else would have to remain.

As far as using a blog goes... thats not the purpose of a blog and
personally I think thats a bad route to go. A blog is more like a personal
news posting tool than a community tool. I think I'd find it even more
difficult to navigate a blog containing support e-mails and technical
questions than the mailing list.


On 8/2/07, Scott McLachlan <> wrote:
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> I can live with it the way is. I have for the last 206 list emails that
> are sitting in my inbox.
> would be nice if the layout was easier to follow. But
> sounds like that might just be me. I'll try rerouting it to my Gmail account
> for a few days while I am away to see if that makes it any easier.
> And then I'll stop bugging people and get back to mapping :-)
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> S. McLachlan
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