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Fractal Mapper Video Tutorials

Tutorial #1 - The Basics
This tutorial demonstrates the basics of Fractal Mapper by creating a simple continent map. (5m 42s)

Created by NBOS
Tutorial #2 - Basic Mapping Tools
An overview of the basic drawing tools available in Fractal Mapper. (5m 44s)

Created by NBOS
Tutorial #3 - Selecting, Editing, and Zooming
This tutorial shows you how to select objects on you map, how to manipulate them, and how to zoom in and out on your map. (4m 11s)

Created by NBOS
Tutorial #4 - Mapping Symbols
This tutorial demonstrates the different ways to place mapping symbols on your map. (6m 39s)

Created by NBOS
Tutorial #5 - Grids
This tutorial demonstrates how to add grids to your map (4m 31s)

Created by NBOS
More videos will be added as they are created
More videos will be added as they are created

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