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Fractal Mapper™ v8.0

What's new in v8.0
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Fractal World Explorer
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Pack 1: Campaign World

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What people say about Fractal Mapper
Below is a sampling of the feedback we receive via our software registration page *.
"I'm consistantly impressed with the quality and ease of use for your Fractal Mapper products. This newest upgrade seems to be the best yet, and really cuts the time needed to make maps. ... Keep up the good work!"
- N in New York

"This is THE best Mapping software out there, you guys rule. "
- J in Wisconsin

"Great electronic purchase process. Quick response, snappy download time. My compliments!"
- J in Oregon

"thanxs for the great software !"
- B in Brazil

"I think your software will help me immensely in the immediate and far-reaching future."
- M in Illinois

"I bought this at Gencon this year. The people in the booth were extraordinarily pleasant. I spent the rest of the Con promoting your product."
- S in Connecticut
"Good work guys! I have been upgrading since version 3.0. A pouch of dice and your software are pretty much mandatory for any serious GMs"
- S in Quebec

"Good Upgrades, i like it a lot."
- D in Quebec

"Amazingly convenient to be able to download your software. I was evaluating this vs. CC2 and in the end your features seemed very competitive - and ultimately much easier to get ahold of your product! Also, a key feature for me was the bitmap background import, as I have a fractal terrain I've worked very hard on."
- S in California

"...Thanks for a great product, and best wishes to you."
- M in Pennsylvania

"Great software! It is a lot of fun to use."
- C in Texas

"I've really enjoyed using version 5 and for the price it's hard to beat. I love the option to download it from the net too because getting stuff sent to Australia is dificult and takes a while..Keep up the good work!"
- M in Austrailia

"thanks for the online support"
- J in Louisana

"Looks cool. Great value vs CC2. And I like the API feature."
- D in New York

"What enabled me to purchase this software was its reasonable price. Anything over $50 for a single product usually gets an automatic no from the parents I know."
- S in Texas
"Love Fractal Mapper! This is one of the best RPG aids on the market. Thanks!"
- M in Indiana

"Been a long time fan.been keeping up with the upgrades since version 3 or maybe even 2."
- R in New York

"Nice ordering process"
- M in Virginia

"I like this program. It is the best one I've seen."
- A in Massachusetts

"Tried the free demo of version 1.0. After one day decided I'd like the newest version. Great for mapping my novels."
- F in New Mexico
"I am with (RPG publisher), and we are all using your software now. It is so simple and easy to make great game maps, and they don't take long at all! Your software sets a new standard for user-friendly, mapping software!! Thanks for the great product!!"
- M in Illinois

"Looks like a great game aid! I am really looking forward to putting it through its' paces!"
- P in New Jersey

"i bought the mapper expecting something a little less advanced boy was i happily suprised..."
- P in Ireland

"This is an awesome piece of software and a much better value than CC2 with some fantastic features as well! Keep up the great work!"
- A in Michigan

"Hello, I got this program in hopes that it would be more user friendly then the other compeating software out there and so far it looks much so. Thanks for your time and skill. "
- G in Kentucky

"great program, convinced my friend to get it too!"
- D in Ontario

"I was very pleased to find the software had arrived after I had only placed the order 2 days ago. Thank you."
- M in Missouri

"thanks, I checked out the Autorealm/wilbur combination and found so many features and ease of use with FM. CC is too over priced, but I don't mind supporting your labor. thanks."
- R in Washington

"Great piece of software! Demo inspired me to purchase it. Far superior to Campaign Cartographer 2 (and far cheaper!)"
- B in Rhode Island
"This is truly amazing software at an amazing price. Thank you!"
- S in California

"Keep up the great work. "
- D in Virginia

"This is SO MUCH COOLER than profantasy's offering."
- B in Oregon

"Decided to buy based on the strength of the demo. Great product. Thanks for keeping the price reasonable."
- E in California

"I liked the trial version. I am really looking forward to enjoying the full version of the software."
- S in Texas
"Cool is all I can say so far!!!!!!!"
- S in Wisconsin

"Very nice product and a propted response to my last email. Thank you."
- C in California

"Very cool software"
- S in England

"I downloaded FM60Trial.exe last week, tried it, and liked it. Since I always try to pay for anything I use habitually, and also since the price for FM6.0 was so great, I decided to buy it."
- S in Washington

"I am really impressed with this program. I look forward to many hours of creative mapping."
- D in Missouri

"Excellent Gamer Product . Thanks!"
- R in California

"The trial version of your Fractal Mapper 6.0 was so great I had to order the full thing right away. It's absurdly easy to create good maps with minimal effort."
- E in Kansas

"I just started using the fractal mapper, and it's great. I had originally bought it as a more affordable alternative to ProFantasy's CC2, but it has everything I need for about half the price of the base program. Great job!"
- N in Tennessee
"Great program, keep up the good job!"
- M in Russia

"ver 6 was great! looking forward to trying out 7. keep up the good work."
- C in Illinois

"Wow! a new mapper, I loved Version 6 and cant wait to use these new starship templates"
- R in British Columbia

"I have really enjoyed this product. It has helped tremendously in my world building for my novels and my role-playing campaign."
- K in Kansas

"Thank you - you guys are great!"
- G in South Africa
"This program is simply awesome. I did not know that something this powerful exsisted."
- R in Washington

"I've been playing around with the Fractal Mapper for about 8-10 hours now, and I am really happy with it. I've already made several cool maps!"
- J in Tennesee

"You guys rule"
- S in Minnesota

"I just gotta say I love this thing. Give a pat on the back to the developers for me :)"
- C in Alberta

"Have just completed tutorials for FM7, well done. I am very happy with this purchase."
- K in Colorado

"I'm greatly looking forward to using the tool! For years, I assumed that Fractal Mapper only did Fractals, and not dungeons, etc. I'm glad I stopped by the booth at GenCon! :)"
- R in Indianapolis

"Been checking out the features in FM7 and it's like you read my mind! Gradient fills and group rotation about a common point were two of the things I was just mentioning I'd like to see while working with FM6. Keep up the fantastic work!"
- D in Pennsylvania

* - list includes feedback received for both FM6 and FM7.
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