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Inpiration Pad Pro™ v3.0

System Requirements

Inspiration Pad Pro v3.0
"Endless Inspiration!"

Inspiration Pad Pro is a program you can use to generate all sorts of things for your campaign. Generate names, town information, encounters, treasures - you name it!

Inspiration Pad Pro uses text files called 'generators' to tell it how to generate information for you. You can create your own, modify existing generators, or just use the ones included with the program as-is. Because of this, it's easy to customize generators to the needs of your own specific campaign.

Also included with the program are a number of sample generators and help files in both Windows Help and PDF form.

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Or get it for Android at

What's new in v3.0?
  • New Integrated Table Editor
    You can now create and edit your generators using the built-in, syntax-hightlighting editor.

  • New Expresion Engine
    An all new, more powerful expression engine allowing for more complex dice, math and text expressions... while using a simpler format.

  • Debugging Console
    Assists in creating and debugging your generators.

  • Dictionary Tables
    Tables that use text based keys, rather than just numeric ranges... just like a dictionary

Download Inspiration Pad Pro Now!

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