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Spinward Marches Mapping

I am using AstroSynthesis as the mapping software for my Traveller game. For those who do not know, Traveller uses a flat map of its star systems. I take this to be an artifact of when the game was made, 1977. At that time, personal computing was not so available and sophistcated as what AS offers us now. I have choosen to set the game in  the Spinward Marches.  These have been a lot of false starts and a lot of decisions made along the way. I will cover the pitfalls and their escapes a bit later. 

First to decsions and assumptions behind what I have done. I am trying as much as possible to keep the econimics and feel of the Traveller game. I am using spherical subsectors. The arrangement is called Hexagonal Close Packing(HCP). I am dividing up space by placing a series of points in space. The points are placed in accordance to HCP. Each point is the centre of a subsector. Each star is judged to be a member of which ever subsector centre it is closest to. My subsector centres are about 32 light years away from each other.

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