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NBOS Character Sheet Designer 1.01c

Contributor:NBOSRating:4 out of 5, 0 votes
Date Added:11/20/2010Downloads:27758
Description:This is the current release of the NBOS Character Sheet Designer. This is actually two programs:

- A WYSIWYG character sheet designer.
- A viewer application your players can use to fill out the character sheets.

Changes in this build (1.01c) from the previous build (1.01a) include:

- CHANGED: Added default minimum sizes for different objects on the form.
- (VIEWER) FIXED: If a text edit field was not tall enough to hold a single line of text, the text editor in the viewer was not being displayed when the field was edited.
- FIXED: Display problems when the PC's screen DPI was set to something other than 96.
- ADDED: A 'select by name' menu option for finding fields that may be off the page.
- FIXED: images werent printing at the same scale they were displayed on screen.
- FIXED: printing wasnt respecting the page selection choices in the print window.

For more info, see: www.nbos.com/products/charsheet/charsheet.htm
RachaelStrange on 11/25/2014
I am looking for sheets for PC, NPC, and DM tracking. I am willing to pay $ if you are willing to make me the forms that I want.
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