Re: [nbos] [FM8] blogs, forums, email lists
NBOS Support
Thu Aug 2nd, 2007
>trying to discern if it is helpful or not to me. Maybe if we had a daily
>digest I wouldn't see these 20-40 emails a day when new software release

You can have the mailing list send you a daily digest. Click on the link
to the mailing list at the bottom of the message, and use the form there to
select the daily digest.

There's also a web based archive here that might be easier to follow:

Anyways, until gencon's over and the CD's get out the door to the
distributor in September, I wont be able to make any major changes to the
online resources. Like I said I really like the idea of a wiki. I also
want to set something up for screencams, which can be very useful for
demonstrating techniques


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