Re: [nbos] [FM] FM8 Techniques Sharing
"Mark Oliva"
Wed Aug 1st, 2007
> From: T'Star <>

<<Basically there's no easy answer. We definitely need some form of convenient archive, and it should be accessible through the NBOS site... but what form that archive should take is a rather knotty problem.>>

That would be sensible.

<<Or do you folk who only check your e-mail and never go to webpages, blogs, wikis, or whatever really want to have mass
gainormous e-mails with tons of tutorials sent out to you ever so often just so you don't get 'missed'?>>

No. We'd like to keep it sensible, and the scenario you describe is anything but that. It's quite easy to post to an E-Mail list a message that such-and-such a tutorial is available at .

It's sometimes OK to keep our feet on the ground.

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