Re: [nbos] [FM] FM8 Techniques Sharing
"Mike Oliver"
Wed Aug 1st, 2007
Two or three people on the CC2 list have set up blogs - ostensibly for
this kind of purpose - and, as far as I can tell, it has not been
successful. I want to get my info from one place, so that I know I
haven't missed anything. I don't want to go searching through five or
six different locations to see if what I'm concerned about has been
covered there. So I don't use the blogs - just the group list. I have a
feeling something like this this applies to a number of other users
whose names I no longer see on the CC3 group. Or maybe they just drifted

I have a feeling that what is being proposed will be counter-productive.
This list is not perfect and searching the archives is often only as
good as participants' giving a meaningful subject heading but at least,
if it is the only place where questions are asked and answered, we all
know we didn't need to look elsewhere. However, that's not to say
something better is not preferable - just don't make it additional.


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Hi All,

Joe Frazier has been reminding us of the value of community support in
learning how to use FM8. The mail list meets this need to some extent,
as people can post questions and get answers, and even search the
archives. However, the list has its limitations. I've been mulling over
what else we might use.

There was an attempt last year to set-up a 'portal' dedicated to all
NBOS products, but after some initial enthusiasm usage rapidly fell off.
I think the portal concept was perhaps too ambitious, and in part was
competing for people's attention with the mailing list. Perhaps a
different, more tightly focused effort would work.

I've been playing with using a popular blogging site as a way of posting
FM8 techniques. You can see what I've done so far here:

Blogger allows group blogging now, so *if* others wanted to go down this
path, it would be easy to add any/all who were interested as co-authors
to this blog.

Thoughts? Other options? In theory a wiki might be more appropriate, but
my impression is that free blogging tools have more advanced features
and better usability than the free wikis I've been able to locate. Do
any of you want me to add you as an author on this blog so you can play
with it?


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