Re: [nbos] New FM8 Build
"Mike Oliver"
Wed Aug 1st, 2007
Hi Ed:

I downloaded the Mapper8.exe file and ran it but got an error message
"Licence missing or incorrect". I did get a nano-second flash of what
looked like it might have been FM8 on-screen but I have no idea if the
.exe file worked or not. By the way, I am currently running the
"fm8install" version of FM8 that came as the last of the beta test
files. I have been away and haven't yet got round to purchasing FM8 as

Has anyone else reported the same problem?



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Subject: [nbos] New FM8 Build

Hi All,

I uploaded a new FM8 build tonight.

This is strictly a bug-fix build. The changes:
- FIXED?: If a symbol or pattern directory has an archive bit set in its

attributes, the symbol categories and sets weren't showing up in the
- FIXED: Background maps couldnt be cleared.
- FIXED: Span Width & Height were being set incorrectly in the map setup

window, causing the maps sizes to show incorrectly.
- FIXED: Toolbar button hints were not translating
- FIXED: Tab captions werent translating
- FIXED: color bar hints werent translating
- CHANGED: widened some buttons and labels to make room for larger
translated text (fx panel, map setup)

Let me know if any of the above still arent working correctly.



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