Re: [nbos] [FM] FM8 Techniques Sharing
"Joe Frazier, Jr"
Tue Jul 31st, 2007
Darn, what a mess. Well, since I was somehow the start of this, I
will put in my opinions. My original thought was simply that there
is very little content for FM uploaded to NOX. Christopher took my
thought and upgraded to a better concept since NOX is limited. The
main point of the wiki or blog approach is that size limits and
formatting options are much better. The email list has it's place as
a way to answer quick questions from one user to another. However,
embedding images and formatting is not an option since many user don't
allow HTML email, so a lot of stuff gets all messed up. The problem
with forums is that many times there may be so many posts, that items
can get lost in the shuffle.

Christopher's take on my idea is a much better approach which allows for
much more specific details to be conveyed in an article type format.
The bottom line is that any contributer may spend as much time on
details as he thinks is needed to convey the steps to create a solution
in FM 8. The whole point is that these articles are not intended to be
read every day, I highly doubt we have that many people who are willing
to spend the time on the details to submit that often, but if we could
average 2-4 techniques a month, that would be awesome. Additionally,
some or all of this information may end up making it into the official
tutorial, thus making the base product even more friendly to new users.

My original point is that there are very few maps uploaded to NOX, so it
is hard for a new user to get inspiration to make their maps better by
looking at others work and picking it apart. Besides, a wiki or blog
format is the place to provide this via an article approach since
specific nuances may be easily missed by someone trying to pick apart a
heavily detailed map.

Remember, the idea was is NOT to replace the email or the forums, but to
provide an additional place for learning more and possibly very advanced
techniques. People looking for a quick answer for help would still
benefit from the email list. In case the answer to the question really
requires a lot of details to have it understood, then THIS is the
situation where a detailed wiki approach works best.


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