Re: [nbos] [FM] FM8 Techniques Sharing
Mon Jul 30th, 2007
I will disclaim now: My use of this software is much less extensive
than I would like. One of the text-based role play games I was
playing on was switching over to using it for the news files. As we
had it set up, the admin could add authors. We had it set up so only
a select few could post; however, it is designed to allow for much
more flexibility than that (I've been investigating it). It has a
tiered set up, and once you get it set up you can do all the
administrative work from within the actual efrontier page. You log in
and what priviledges you have are displayed. If you are
administration, you can do whatever you want. You need a good grasp
of CSS templates if you want to play with the 'look' of the thing. I
haven't tried to create a CSS template in say GoLive or Dreamweaver
and import it yet. I didn't have that kind of admin privilege, but
once it's up, you log into the site and it's administrated internally
on a what you see is what you get format. You can turn submissions on
and off, you can validate author submissions. There are the
capabilities for authors to upload graphics to be used in their
'stories'. I haven't used this particular feature myself yet so I
don't know if it's inline or not. It's designed as, essentially, an
online publication software so I would postulate it would be flexible
enough to let an individual post graphics inline with text. The
webpage is I will let you know more as I play with
it on my site, though that will probably be at least a week or so.

On geek subspecies. Also do not forget the far ranging speices that
might be interested in map programs: Geekus Theatarous (set design
anyone?), and Geekus Tacticalous (Who uses such programs because they
can't get real military maps to play their war games with.)

~Heather, who thought that might have been coherent... maybe.

> Oh, Heather's (T'Star's) email just popped-in! Hi, Heather!
> No argument on the geek taxonomy. However, I think you missed "Geekus Literatus", who map as an adjunct to their bent toward creating fantasy fiction, and "Geekus Cartographous", an important sub-species on the list who are apparently attracted to mapping for its own sake! A regular rogues gallery, this list. ;-)
> Two questions: Does efiction have a WYSIWIG editor? And does it support in-line graphics like I used in the blog?
> Cheers,
> Christopher
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