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"Christopher Rodrigues Macias"
Mon Jul 30th, 2007
Thanks, Joe. I'm very happy that Ed is talking about a wiki on NOX at some point. An 'official' site will likely fare better than a 'fan' site, and will be easier for new users to find.

I'll keep the blog going until NOX (or another fan site) gives us a better alternative. If that happens, I can always look into transferring the content there from the blog. Anyone who is interested in helping with the blog is welcome to shoot me an email off-list and I'll add them as a co-author. You don't need to do that 'just to be supportive' though. I expect the NOX site will provide the long-term answer. If, however, any of you are looking for a place to share things *right now* then the blog is ready and available.

Oh, Heather's (T'Star's) email just popped-in! Hi, Heather!

No argument on the geek taxonomy. However, I think you missed "Geekus Literatus", who map as an adjunct to their bent toward creating fantasy fiction, and "Geekus Cartographous", an important sub-species on the list who are apparently attracted to mapping for its own sake! A regular rogues gallery, this list. ;-)

Two questions: Does efiction have a WYSIWIG editor? And does it support in-line graphics like I used in the blog?


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Thanks for setting this up. While I think a Wiki would defiantly suit
the goals better, at least this is a start knowledge sharing if we can
keep it going. Although I don't expect to contribute a lot, I would
like to do my part as things come to me. I expect my contributions
may come more in the way of scripting help, than in any type of artistic type stuff, but who knows.

A long term "hope" would either be something hosted by NBOS, or at the very least, a link on the NBOS site to a site that will be similar to many technical websites where the use community submits articles for posting and these are reviewed by someone willing to play the role of an editor and then the article is posted.

I do want to thank the folks over at CSUAC (along with Ed for putting the proper support into FM 8 to make it possible of course) for compiling the large number of user created png files and of course, the
original authors. Likewise, a pre-emptory thanks to Mark Oliva who
has stated he will donate his project groups 1500 or so CC built Vector symbols IF Ed can get the converter up an running.

The email list is great for quick(sometimes) questions and answers from one user to another, but is just not suited to a "how to" type article
such as the ones Christopher's blog. A good example of this is the
script Christopher sent to the list with the layer management techniques
which was way to large for the list to accomidate. While the upload
site is good for the actual script, the details of how/why are a bit to long to really put into that type of forum.


PS, I liked the fountain thing so much, I recreated it and saved it as it's own map symbol for reuse later! Thanks

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