Re: [nbos] [FM] FM8 Techniques Sharing
Mon Jul 30th, 2007
Lack of Programing doth not a geek unmake. Just this list caters more
to the subspecies "Geekus Gamerous" which has some overlap with but
are not the same as, "Geekus Computerous" and more specifically
"Geekus Programerous," Two very closely related subspecies that have
emerged in recent years.

Ok, all taxological goofing around aside, I think time is a major
constraint... and there is a free-ware wiki thing out there, though it
was designed more for authors than for this sort of thing. I've seen
it used for a collective 'news file' and to post articles etc... the
program is efiction. Now, if I ever get the current 'ooo they're
paying me for it!' project done and get around to updating my website,
I've got a copy of efiction, it just becomes a matter of setting it
up. Which I was planning on doing for all my online gaming. It's a
great place to post text based logs when you have a diverse community.
;) IF I get it working, I'd be happy to put up a section for FM 8
stuff. My host comes with a MySQL database and about 100 times the
badwidth I've managed to use, cumulatively in the 3 years I've had
this host. If someone else currently has more time they're welcome to
down load the program. there are a couple of free MySQL database
managers out there as well for the lest programingly inclined.

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