Re: [nbos] [FM] FM8 Techniques Sharing
NBOS Support
Mon Jul 30th, 2007
At 11:38 PM 7/29/2007, you wrote:
>A long term "hope" would either be something hosted by NBOS, or at the
>very least, a link on the NBOS site to a site that will be similar to

Long term, I do want to set up a wiki on nox, and perhaps after that a
forum for registered FM owners.

>original authors. Likewise, a pre-emptory thanks to Mark Oliva who
>has stated he will donate his project groups 1500 or so CC built Vector
>symbols IF Ed can get the converter up an running.

I think I missed that email... but Mark, if you want to send the .fsc's to
me, I can check to see if they are convertable with the current
converter. Most of whats left to-do in the converter is converting in the
other direction.


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