Re: [nbos] [FM8] Before I buy
~~Richard K~~
Mon Jul 30th, 2007
The interaction with FWE 1.7 has improved interaction between Astro2 and
Fractal mapper 8
The exporting contours in 1.5 is replaced with an export directly to Fractal
mapper 8.
Also 1.7 has more features to output in binary (for DEM 3D rendering)
So its a step up from the previous FWE's
You might be asking why am I talking about FWE (Fractal World Explorer) and
not FM8, as some may not know that FWE is the link between the 2 programs
(Astro and FM8).

FM8 is a massive change from FM7 in its ability to work faster (Speed is
waaay faster) and have special effects which work simply very well.
The ability to submap will be very advantagious to a note-keeping creator.
To have the FM8 version of the newly edited planet to translate back as the
blazon image might take a bit of jury-rigging (replacing png's) It works
better to think that Astro creates a template of your planet and FM8 can
detail your planet (and use the scenario builder capabilities of FM to add
more detailed content).

Ed might have more to add to this, perhaps some things I may have missed.

As for an earth, I've heard that one of the Astro downloads might have the
solar systems included, however I havent checked this out, anyone confirm

~~Richard K~~

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From: "richard leclercq"

>I am curious about FM8 and how it will interact with Astrosynthesis.
> I would like to make some "detailed" planetary maps.
> Also: does anyone have a map of Earth that can go on FM/FWE?

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