Re: [nbos] [FM8] Getting rid of Background Images
"Mark Oliva"
Wed Jul 25th, 2007
> From: Joe Frazier, Jr []

I think this screen is just plain broken. In FM 7, you just remove the data from the text field and it removes the image from the background of the map. This screen changed from FM 7 to FM 8 (in FM7 there used to be 3 fields, one for a FM map, one for a FWE map, and one for BMP/JPG files, now there is just one field for background image) so in addition to the broken height/width problem, we can no longer remove attached background images.

I think you're right. I think there's a bug here. I've temporarily installed FM8 on a laptop, and I'm getting the same problems there. Tomorrow I'll test one or two of these things on machines at the Grundig Akademie and see what shows up. I still have an FM7 installation, and (with of course the dialog field differences you've mentioned) this problem does not occur there.

Mark, as a temporary workaround, if you create a script file with the following contents:

o =getcurrentmap()

name the file [SOMETHING].FMScript and put this in your Plugins folder

Thanks. I'll do that, but not until tomorrow. Here in Bavaria, the sun already has set, and it's time to slowly shut the day down.

the FM 8 main map window, but the Map Setup "preview" still maintains some type of link to the original object as the preview still shows my image!

That I've noticed too. If I do a new map, the file link vanishes, but the preview of the old background file still remains in the picture box window of the tabbed dialog field.

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