Re: [nbos] [FM8] Getting rid of Background Images
"Joe Frazier, Jr"
Wed Jul 25th, 2007
Mark Oliva wrote:

>A reminder again that I'm coming from CC3 and working my way into FM8 ...
>Following the instructions in the large PDF manual, I put a background image (PNG) behind a test map and did some traces. I now want to get rid of the background image. The manual tells me that Map Setup, the placed where I attached the image at the start, also is the place to get rid of it. However, it doesn't tell me how. The dialog field doesn't seem to offer this possibility.
>If I simply click the Background Image tab and erase the name of the background image file, FM8 stubbornly writes it back in again. If I close the map and move the file to another folder, FM8 crashes when I try to open the map. Anyone have any thoughts?
I think this screen is just plain broken. In FM 7, you just remove the
data from the text field and it removes the image from the background of
the map. This screen changed from FM 7 to FM 8 (in FM7 there used to
be 3 fields, one for a FM map, one for a FWE map, and one for BMP/JPG
files, now there is just one field for background image) so in addition
to the broken height/width problem, we can no longer remove attached
background images.

Mark, as a temporary workaround, if you create a script file with the
following contents:

o =getcurrentmap()

name the file [SOMETHING].FMScript and put this in your Plugins folder

Then, on the Plugin's Menu, select Run from File and select the filename
you just created. This will remove the background graphic from your
map. I verified this will work by saving my map.

One side note for Ed, doing this script removes the background image
from the FM 8 main map window, but the Map Setup "preview" still
maintains some type of link to the original object as the preview still
shows my image!


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