Re: [nbos] [FM8] Getting rid of Background Images
Wed Jul 25th, 2007
If it's set up at all like FM 7 (And I don't think that's something
they changed too much). It should just be a matter of going in to the
same place you entered the PNG. In FM 7 there is a specific slot for
"Background <fill in the blank here>" simply high lite and erase and
click Ok. and it should revert to a default background color. (just
make certain you've set the background color to whatever you want to
'show through'.)

On 7/25/07, Mark Oliva <> wrote:
> A reminder again that I'm coming from CC3 and working my way into FM8 ...
> Following the instructions in the large PDF manual, I put a background image (PNG) behind a test map and did some traces. I now want to get rid of the background image. The manual tells me that Map Setup, the placed where I attached the image at the start, also is the place to get rid of it. However, it doesn't tell me how. The dialog field doesn't seem to offer this possibility.
> If I simply click the Background Image tab and erase the name of the background image file, FM8 stubbornly writes it back in again. If I close the map and move the file to another folder, FM8 crashes when I try to open the map. Anyone have any thoughts?
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