Re: [nbos] Some FM8 questions - a critical flaw
"Mark Oliva"
Wed Jul 25th, 2007
> From: Joe Frazier, Jr []

I may end up getting CC3 just for some extra symbols, but I high doubt I can reset my mind to work in such a way as to let CC be my main mapping program.

That's one of the reasons we're looking at FM8. Our users employ CC2 Pro mostly to tweak maps that we've made rather than to create their own. They complain they need to get a college degree in CC2 mapping to do it with CC2.

<<This would be of even more benefit once Ed gets the converter working and released.>>

I'm looking forward to that. Our project group has made more than 1,500 vector symbols for CC2 Pro and CC3 that we've released as free d20/OGL software with accompanying d20 PDFs. If we can convert those, we'll release the symbols for FM8 users in FM8 format too (also free).

The best way to get any feature (assuming it is actually possible to do and does not take programming many, many hours) is to let your voices be heard. Find 10,15, 20 people who will say to Ed "I will buy your program when it has feature X."

You're certainly not wrong. But the time I have to devote to RPG matters is somewhat limited. I also have a company to run. Starting a crusade among other users to get changes in FM8 isn't going to make it onto my priority list. Ed will have to settle for analyzing my comments and deciding whether they worth immplementing.

<<The difference here is that I map for fun, while you map for profit and thus have a much bigger stake any time gained or lost.>>

I map more for fun than for profit although I am relaesing commercial RPG work. My true profit comes from our company's software, which has nothing to do with gaming or mapping.

Now, as the saying goes: "perception is reality". My perception is that this this style of mapping does not make sense to me "right now", but that may not be reality if I really got into (or it may stay that way). Would you be willing to upload a small sample map using this style so that others can better understand your approach as you may be able to sway even more voices to your camp?

If anyone doesn't understand the benefit of extra screen space for vertical maps, they can compare the following two screenshots of a very unfinished map I was assembling to test FM8. I'm just beginning to put symbols on it, which is why it may look strange:

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