Re: [nbos] Some FM8 questions
NBOS Support
Wed Jul 25th, 2007

>1. It appears that I can work with PNG raster symbols only if they are on
>the General layer. If they are on another layer, I can't click them, even
>though that layer is defined as visible and selectable. Is this correct, or
>am I having some strange problem?

Something else is probably going on there - I just tried it out and it
seems fine.

>for me with CC2 Pro. Is there any way to automatically set the angle of
>symbols so that they appear on the map at an angle of 270°? It's a pain in
>the node to have to do an individual rotate with each symbol I place.

A small custom tool will do the trick for that. You'll have to make your
own 16x16 bitmap for the toolbar, and select the rotation you want, but
this would do the job - at least for single symbol placement. Save to the
plugins dir and restart FM8.

#author NBOS Software
#desc Rotates Symbol
#customtool Rotated Symbol
#toolbase Symbol
#toolset Custom Tools
#button yourownbitmap.bmp

o = GetLastMapObject() ' this gets the symbol that was placed manually
o.Rotation = 45

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