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"Mark Oliva"
Wed Jul 25th, 2007
There are points in the CSUAC EULA for FM8 that need some clarification:

8.1 You must place the approved CSUAC logo (in the format and size specified In the CSUAC User’s Guide at the time of publication) in the right hand corner of any map or adventure made with the Art Pack or any asset or portion thereof (including digital as well as printed output) that is: (i) used at a tournament or other public contest, (ii) submitted to a magazine, website, or other media outlet for publication, (iii) posted to a website, or (iv) distributed in more than 10 copies total.

I have no problem with this requirement, but i Have searched my users guide thoroughly and find no place at which "the format and size specified In the CSUAC User’s Guide" is indeed specified. How should we deal with this?

8.2 Any map or adventure made with the Art Pack that is posted to any website must also include the following link in at least 7 pt font immediately below or adjacent to the map: “_______(Map, Adventure, or Map and Adventure, as appropriate)________ made with art from the Dundjinni® Users Fourm - www.dundjinni.com”

Nor do I have a problem with this requirement, however, it's a bit difficult to implement, because FM8 works in a measure of feet for texts rather than points. How many FM8 feet constitute 7 points in this case?


1. Technical Support
If you require technical assistance with the artpack itself, please refer to www.gmsparlor.com. Technical assistance in support of the Dundjinni (R) program should be referred to Fluid Entertainment, Inc at www.dundjinni.com. Technical Assistance in support of Campaign Cartographer 3 (R) should be referred to ProFantasy Ltd. at www.profantasy.com.

Seeing that this is the EULA for FM8 users, it would seem wiser to include an NBOS service link rather than one for CC3.

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