Re: [nbos] Some FM8 questions - a critical flaw
"Christopher Rodrigues Macias"
Tue Jul 24th, 2007
I see the problem. Not an issue if you're placing individual symbols, but if
you're placing a mountain range or a forest...

Not to be a smartass, but have you considered a hardware solution? I have
the (very nice and not too expensive) 24" Dell widescreen monitor, which can
rotate 90 degrees. A quick adjustment to the video drivers and I have a
screen that is very tall instead of very wide. Much, much nicer than having
to work "sideways".


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<<Um... why don't you just group select and then rotate the lot of them at
once? Especially if you're careful and put them on a 'working layer' and set
the layers you DON'T want rotated on another layer. (This works very well
for equilateral areas)>>

I'm familiar with the suggested operation, but it's not very practical.
Things end up in wrong places and all have to be moved.

<<I"m still trying to find the reason you're rotating the map at all,
instead of just setting it up vertically in the first place?>>

Different people have different ways of working. I'm making a very detailed
map, and I want the maximum work space on the FM8 screen to minimize the
amount of zooming I have to do. If you open FM8 and close the effects
menus, you'll note that you have a rather sizeable workspace available.
It's rectangular, with the largest dimensions from right to left or east to
west. If you make a vertical map in that space and keep it vertical, you
lose a third of it. If you tip the map to 90° or 270°, you can use all of
that space.

<<Also if you rotate one symbol and copy/paste it it should be at the
rotated angle.>>

Of course ... but I'm using a considerable number of different symbols, not
just one symbol, so cutting and pasting doesn't deal with the problem.

<<You can also probably save the individual symbols you want at the other
angle as a separate symbol and have it there forever, but I haven't tried

Probably, but that too would be a lot of tedious and superfluous work, if
FM8 allowed you to set a defalt symbol angle of your own.

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