Re: [nbos] CSUAC for FM8: Ready for download!!!
"Joe Frazier, Jr"
Tue Jul 24th, 2007
James Miller wrote:

> 3) I run into a wierd little problem with the directory settings
> from time to time, where the attributes won't change from "read-only",
> and FM8 won't recognize that the files are there. I did all these
> directorys compleatly from scratch, so this problems *shouldn't* happen.
Thanks for bring this up. I ran into this exact issue during my lunch
break at work and I could not email the list to report the problem until
I got home because work does not allow external email access.

Anyway, I saw your post and this was the problem. After I changed the
readonly flag on the directory, the CSUAC showed up in FM 8 for me. Yeah!


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