Re: [nbos] Some FM8 questions - a critical flaw
"Joe Frazier, Jr"
Tue Jul 24th, 2007
Mark Oliva wrote:

><<I"m still trying to find the reason you're rotating the map at all,
>instead of just setting it up vertically in the first place?>>
>Different people have different ways of working. I'm making a very detailed
>map, and I want the maximum work space on the FM8 screen to minimize the
>amount of zooming I have to do. If you open FM8 and close the effects
>menus, you'll note that you have a rather sizeable workspace available.
>It's rectangular, with the largest dimensions from right to left or east to
>west. If you make a vertical map in that space and keep it vertical, you
>lose a third of it. If you tip the map to 90° or 270°, you can use all of
>that space.
I would assume it is not in the product because no one has ever tried it
before and requested this as a feature. I personally would never be
able to work in this way, so hat's off to anyone who can.

><<You can also probably save the individual symbols you want at the other
>angle as a separate symbol and have it there forever, but I haven't tried
>Probably, but that too would be a lot of tedious and superfluous work, if
>FM8 allowed you to set a defalt symbol angle of your own.

This would probably be your best bet in the short term. You may want to
even consider building a new top level menu for any converted to a
different angle so as to keep them quickly findable, but that's up to
you. Also, you don't have to convert all symbols right away, just the
ones you use frequently, and should be able to "fix" 30+ in an hour or
so. Granted, this is a lot of work, but if you will be using for many
maps over the months, it would be well worth the time.

On a mid to long term note (at least until this is added to the product
as a true feature, if ever), once the API docs come out, I would expect
(perhaps Ed can verify) that you should be able to script to: open
files, rotate, save with a new name in 10-15 lines of code if the API
supports it opening and saving files (and I hope it does). This would
be the way to go and you can convert in mass at one time if you wish.


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